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Dog Walking

A house is not a home without a dog and with over 7.3 million households across the UK owning a dog we realise that whilst we’d love nothing better than to spend our days snuggled up with them or going on exciting long walks, the reality of life means that isn’t always possible. Most of us work, have occasions where we are going to be out longer than usual or have health conditions which mean that we’re not always able to walk our dogs as much as we'd like. We realise that what you need is someone who is dependable, reliable and going to love your pup as much as you do! That’s where we come in...

Here at STP we are able to offer regular and ad hoc dog walking services so whether you need a service Monday to Friday or the occasional walk here and there, we can help!

Watch this video to see what can you expect from our Dog Walking service...

Group Walks

Our group walks are ideal if your pooch loves to explore and play in the company of others. Our group walk dogs are taken in small, friendly groups of no more than four to one of our large local parks for a full hour of fun and frolics!

Want your dog to enjoy some off lead time? No problem...all we need is your written consent and for them to pass our own off lead assessment to check that your dogs recall is reliable and safe.

Double Walks = Double the fun!

  • Does your dog have boundless energy?
  • Are they of an age or breed where one walk is never enough?
  • Are you out for long hours of a day and worried about the amount of time your dog will be left alone?

If yes, our Double Walks are for you. For £24 your dog will be taken on a morning and afternoon walk with their pals so that once home they head straight off to the land of nod dreaming of all the fun they've had! .

Individual Walks

If your dog prefers to have their own space, has a medical condition or would just prefer to have one of our walkers to themselves our one-to-one walks are for you. We offer 30min and 60min one-to-one walks. These walks are also available for clients who need a service outside of our usual group walk times.

If you are interested in our Dog Walking service please get in touch using the Contact Us form.

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"What I like about Simply the Pets is that they have been consistently reliable, but also flexible to my needs. Chester is always excited when they turn up fetching his lead in anticipation. He's a dog that needs a lot of exercise and always has a very good walk evidenced by him going straight to his bed to sleep on his return!"

Why Choose STP?

  • Consistent, reliable service

  • Road walks are no fun - we always go to a large park!

  • A full hour's walk which starts once we're at the park

  • Friendly, honest & trustworthy walkers

  • Lots of updates on your dogs adventures on our social media pages

  • Access to our fantastic Online scheduling system - request & cancel services at a time convenient to you!

  • An incredibly reliable service with cover available should your walker be on holiday, off sick etc

  • We don't draw attention to your absence so no sign written vehicles or uniforms